Discover Naples and its historical, artistical, cultural and natural beauties!


Naples will welcome you with an archaeological and monumental heritage that you wouldn't expect.
Its volcanoes and islands will capture you, its parks will surprise you...
Traditional legends and folklore will thrill you!

Located in a quiet and central area (Chiaia, zone known as Mergellina) and inside a distinguished, elegant building, B&B Marina Mergellina is the ideal place to stay in Naples and the perfect starting point to explore the city and its roundabouts.


All main interest points may be reached on foot or by bus/subway/railway: “Mergellina” subway station and “Corso Vittorio Emanuele” cumana railway stop are both within 400 meters. Therefore Pozzuoli and the Phlegrean Fields, Pompeii and the Vesuvius are all easily reachable by train. Mergellina harbour, where the hydrofoils for Ischia leave in the summertime, is about 10 minutes away on foot.

B&B building
B&B alley
Mergellina station
Mergellina marina

At a short distance there’s Caracciolo promenade, pedestrian area along the sea where you can have a walk admiring the view of the gulf: Posillipo and Vomero hills surrounding it, Vesuvio at the back, Castel dell’Ovo protruding into the sea (according to an old legend Vergil the poet hided an egg in the basement of the castle: when it breaks, the castle will crumble and Naples will go through major ruins)…

Castel dell’Ovo
Posillipo hill from the sea
Vomero hill from the sea

Along the road, you can stop at the church of S. Maria di Piedigrotta, a “sea church”, as it protects the sailors of the maritime neighbourhood of Mergellina. The church is especially popoular because of Piedigrotta Fair, traditionally celebrated on September the 8th (day of virgin Mary) with dances, songs, suggestive lighting and chariot parades (ever since 1487!) and most of all with the Neapolitan song festival (from 1935 to 1982).
A little further, in the church of S. Maria del Parto there is a 16th century painting by Leonardo da Pistoia depicting S. Michael slaying a devil with a woman's face: according to the legend, she's Vittoria D'Avalos, beautiful Neapolitan noblewoman who seduced Diomede Carafa, a priest (he was also bishop of Ariano) who in retaliation had her portrayed as a devil!

Santa Maria di Piedigrotta
Leopardi grave
Vergil grave
Neapolitan Crypt

Behind the church, towards the tunnel, you can visit Vergil and Leopardi memorial park, a park where the tombs of these two immense poets, both lived and buried in Naples, lay. In the same park you can admire the Neapolitan Crypt, an imposing Roman tunnel (711m) passing Posillipo hill from side to side 2.000 years before the modern tunnel was excavated! A masterpiece of engineering, according to the legend the tunnel was made in just one night by Vergil the poet – who was also a magician – and a malediction would be cast on those who tried to pass it alone at night…

Mergellina's devil
Fountain of Partenope
Fountain of the Lion
USA Consulate
French Consulate

Some steps forward toward the sea, you can also admire two historical Neapolitan fountains. The XIX century fountain of Partenope, in the center of Sannazzaro square (originally erected as an ornament for the gardens in front of Mergellina station) is dedicated to the mermaid that, being won by Ulysses, let herself die: her body was carried ashore and her name was permanently linked to the city. Then the XVIII century fountain of the Lion, probably ordered by the king Ferdinando I to give water to this area, where a royal mansion stood, which is made of a marble lion in the center of a semicircular pool.

Moreover, the B&B is very close to as much as 4 supermarkets and several important public institutions (see table):

Mediterranean Clinic: 1 km

Ruesch Clinic: 900 m

Loreto Crispi: 500 m

Outpatient clinic: 100 m

USA Consulate: 800 m

France Consulate: 1 km

Germany Consulate: 1 km

Spain Consulate: 1,8 km

Virgil's & Leopardi's tombs and park: 600 m

Villa Pignatelli museum & park: 1,5 km

Tennis Club Napoli: 1 km

Aquarium: 1,5 km

Mostra d'Oltremare: 4 km

St. Paul Stadium: 4 km

Edenlandia: 5 km

Zoo: 5 km

Agnano thermal area: 4,5 km

Agnano racecourse: 10 km